Mechatronics Training Equipment

Full Study Bench On Regulation, Process Control Trainer

Item No.: ZM2115
ZM2115 Full Study Bench On Regulation Mechatronics Training Equipment Process Control Trainer for college, university.
ZM2115 Full Study Bench On Regulation Mechatronics Training Equipment Process Control Trainer
1 Product overview 
1.1 Profile
Process control is short for automatic control of production processes, which is an important part of automation technology. It usually refers to the automatic control of production processes in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, building materials, nuclear energy and other industrial productions in a continuous or cyclical process. In the modern industrial production process, process control technology is playing an increasingly important role in achieving various optimal technical and economic indicators, improving economic efficiency and labor productivity, improving working conditions, and protecting the ecological environment.
With the key technology and equipment system of process-oriented enterprise automation and information system as the main line, we design and manufacture a comprehensive practice teaching device for advanced process control professional laboratories, and establish a professional subject laboratory engineering practice base.

The design of the training device is reasonable and versatile, which not only meets the requirements of the experimental teaching of related courses in the specialty of industrial automation and automatic control, but also applies to the research and development of graduate students.

1.2 Feature
1. It adopts industrial aluminum profile frame, transparent structure design and open interface. With a universal wheel at the bottom, each unit is flexible, easy to use and not easily damaged.
2. This training device includes PLC touch screen integrated machine, button control unit, which can perform hand/self-switching, and does not affect each other (even without PLC program, manual control can be realized). The mainstream configuration of process control for small industrial equipment greatly increases the flexibility of equipment utilization.
3. Widely used temperature, flow, liquid level, and pressure sensing sensing devices in the industry can be diversified and designed related experiments.
4. The idea of time-sharing control can collect two or three parameters at the same time, for example, one set of measured flow and one set of measured temperature. The object system is made of all-aluminum alloy. From the perspective of aesthetics and without losing the concept of engineering, we will examine and build a professional laboratory experimental object system for process equipment, and build it into a demonstration laboratory with the atmosphere of the times.
5. The device can complete the basic control training project of process control, realize the control of flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level four parameters and PID adjustment function, and can achieve the purpose of various teaching and training.

2 Technical capacity
1. Working power supply: single-phase three-wire 220V±5% 50Hz;
2. Dimensions: 1600 × 800 × 1800 mm (length × width × height)
3. Machine capacity: <1KVA control signal: voltage 0 ~ 10V / 4-20mA;
4. Control object power supply: motor AC220V±10%, regulating valve AC24V±10% 50HZ±10%, heating AC220V±10%
5. Working environment: -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity: 20% ~ 90% no condensation
6. Working conditions: ambient temperature -10 °C ~ +40 °C Relative humidity <85% (25 °C)

3 Product composition
The installation of the experimental device of the process control system is free from water leakage and rust, stable operation and low noise. The controlled object is separated from the control electrical system to avoid electrical leakage caused by liquid leakage:
The experimental device consists of an electrical control box and two controlled objects. The electrical control box provides various types of power for the system, providing 0-10V and 4-20mA signals, AC24V and AC220V system power. The system loop diagram is shown below: