PCB Lab Equipment

PCB Spray Etching Machine, PCB Experiment Equipment For University

Item No.: ZP6114
ZP6114 Spray Etching Machine PCB Lab Equipment Didactic Equipment for college, university.
ZP6114 Spray Etching Machine PCB Lab Equipment Didactic Equipment
I. Introduction

Spray etching machine mini laboratory use machine. It is for copper plate or print laboratory quickly develop sample and manufacture. Inner with anti-etching pump, make etching liquid double sides spray to sample two sides, etching PCB sensitive layer. Inner immersion program heater, heating developing liquid to develop temperature. With clock preset develop time.
★1. Take imported spray sprinkler  8 units. Spray is uniform.  
★2.Spray pressure: antiseptic high-pressure magnetic pump, with filter set. 
★3.Wire diameter:0.1mm,
4. Transparent flip function, it is easy to observe.  

5.Max sample dimenstion:400×350mm
6.Sample develop time:0.1-5 minutes adjustable.
★7.Heat temperature is adjustable, heater power: 500W, 220V, 50Hz, single phase.
8.With timer function, timer can be preset time as hour, minute, second. 
9. Inner dimension:450×400×350mm
11.Net weight:15KG
12. With equipment desk 1 unit. Dimension:600×500×500mm, use anti corrosion PVC material, the below is cabinet structure, it can put tools, spare parts etc.